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The Qualities of a Good Neighborhood Real Estate 

The Qualities of a Good Neighborhood

While the elements that constitute a good neighborhood do involve some level of subjectivity, you also want to learn how to navigate listings yourself. Real estate agents generally cannot comment on whether a neighborhood is good or not, so you need to know what qualities to look for.

Crime Rates
Searching for communities with low crime rates is a wise route to a good neighborhood. In addition to checking out the actual crime rates, you should also research the type of crimes that happen. For example, one community may have a slightly higher crime rate, but when you check further into the situation, you discover that many of the crimes are related to vandalism on exterior property. That community is likely safer than one with a better crime rating but more violent crimes.

School Districts
School districts are often connected with the value of communities. Researching this element is particularly important if you plan to have children who attend the schools. Looking into the test scores is important, but you also want to gain a strong sense of whether or not the school has serious problems, such as gang violence or heavy drug usage. When these issues exist in schools, they often exist in the community as a whole too.

Curb Appeal
Driving around the neighborhood gives you a decent sense of how much the homeowners care about their properties. See if the grass is overgrown or if people are leaving garbage out at their curbs. The more people care about their community, the more they are likely to do to keep it a safe and welcoming place to live. Also, you can visit local restaurants and shops to see how members of the community interact with one another.

Community Programs
A sense of togetherness and shared space is important because this element also contributes to how much people care about their neighborhoods. When you’re looking at homes for sale, find out if the community hosts any events on an annual or otherwise regular basis. You should also visit places where community members gather for recreational purposes. For example, you can see what the library is like or how people interact at the local parks.

Your Needs
You also have to assess your personal needs when determining if a community is good or not. For example, you might need nearness to public transportation if that is the only way to easily access your job. You may need a school district that has phenomenal special education services. Make your personal preferences and needs to the forefront of your list.

A good neighborhood can provide you and your family with a safe space to learn and grow; therefore, you want to take the time to properly research. For more info, visit the resources at Mary Roy.

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