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3 Great Sources For Real Estate Leads Real Estate 

3 Great Sources For Real Estate Leads

The use of real estate CRM can help you manage the relationships you already have with clients. However, where can you find new leads to keep your business going and growing into a large and thriving company? Three sources you may want to consider are social media platforms, your own website and e-mail newsletters.

How Social Media Helps You Find Leads

There are tens of thousands of people on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn each day. This provides you with ample opportunity to reach out to those who may need your services or simply enhance your visibility. Eventually, your followers will contact you when they need to buy or sell their homes or will pass on your information to those who do need your services.

How Your Website Helps Attract Leads

Having your own site complete with a blog and links to social profiles can serve as a landing page to promote your services. It can also be a space where you can educate your audience about the real estate industry and why a real estate agent can be so valuable.

You may also be able to teach those who are looking to be their own landlords the value of real estate CRM software or other tools to help them find tenants. Doing so could make you an authoritative voice in your field that everyone will want to work with. It also shows that you are serious about developing relationships and serious about providing as much value to your audience as they will eventually provide to you.

How Do Email Newsletters Help Attract Leads?

Ideally, you will have an email list that you can market your goods and services to. Although there are many ways to sell goods, email marketing is still among the most effective tactics available to you. Since you don’t want to constantly talk at and sell to your followers, you have to be subtle in your sales pitch. A newsletter allows you to educate and entertain while you try to sell services or get people to contact you for more information before ultimately making a purchase.

Proper use of real estate contact management tools can help you find clients to sell your services to now and in the future. Remember, getting a lead is just the first step in the sales process. Once you get that lead, you have to show that you can provide for that person’s money and that you care about the person as much as the money he or she will provide. You can learn more at IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., which has additional information and resources available.

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